Nov 152014

JUSTIN PRITCHARD, Associated Press   LOS ANGELES (AP) — The pilot of the Virgin Galactic spaceship that tore apart over the Mojave Desert didn’t know his co-pilot had prematurely unlocked its brakes, despite protocol requiring the co-pilot to announce the step. Pilot Peter Siebold told the National Transportation Safety Board that he wasn’t aware co-pilot Mike Alsbury unlocked the brakes before the rocket was done accelerating. Seconds later, SpaceShipTwo began to disintegrate. An agency spokesman said Wednesday that protocol was to announce the unlocking. It’s not clear if Siebold didn’t hear it, or Alsbury never voiced it. Spokesman Eric Weiss

Nov 142014

COLLEEN LONG, Associated Press JENNIFER PELTZ, Associated Press   NEW YORK (AP) — An emergency room doctor who was the first Ebola patient in the nation’s biggest city has recovered and is scheduled to be released from the hospital on Tuesday, health officials said. Dr. Craig Spencer, who was the only Ebola patient being treated in the United States, has been declared free of the virus, the city Department of Health said Monday in a statement. Mayor Bill de Blasio said Spencer has suffered a lot the last few weeks but has “come back really strong.” He called Spencer “a

Nov 082014
Veterans Day Ceremony

Where: Bill Barber Park 4 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA When: Nov 11, 11am-12:30pm What: The City of Irvine salutes our nation’s military service members, both active duty and veterans, for their dedication, courage, accomplishments and sacrifices to protect our everyday freedoms. Contact: 949-724-6606 Cost: Free